Radio Transmissions (Vol. III​)​: Distortions

by James Shearman

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In this third volume of the Radio Transmissions album series, I am looking once again to the interesting, enigmatic and unexplained biproduct occurences of my tech which I don't understand and, specifically, interesting ways to interact with these through the use of various forms of distortion.

Besides being an exercise in chance operation, this album indulged in my fascination and growing predilection for longform minimalism, specifically HNW (harsh noise wall) / ANW (ambient noise wall). In the realm of sound that exists behind these two acronyms, there is often a focus on textured exploration of static - the more you delve, the more your eyes can be opened to what can be done with it, and specifically what can be done with distortion as part of the process of making it.

Is it good to think of distortion as a new way of seeing something? Or do we, by distorting, do more than alter our perception of it? Some forms of distortion feel very impermanent in the way they make changes to what they distort - and others feel much more permanent.


released February 12, 2017



all rights reserved


James Shearman London, UK

23 year-old
NOISE BEING struggling to survive in he11stone, England.

Photograph by
Julia Bauer
for Tempting Failure, 2016

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