Radio Transmissions (Vol​.​II​)​: Dead Radio

by James Shearman

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What does the radio of the dead sound like?

Can a transmission broadcast truly ever be living or dead?

If the body (receiver) dies will the mind (signal) go out too?

Continuing in the Radio Transmissions series, this second volume takes a look at an interesting unexplained phenomenon occurring with my audio gear currently. Using a Dan Electro Honeytone miniature clip-on amplifier, with a single 9v battery - and simplistic tone, overdrive and volume controls - at the end of a chain running a hot, hot signal of noise - I am able to completely crush the signal into a slow, rasping and sinewy crackle. However, when the device is turned off, and when it is unable to filter through any crackle, the 'static silence' which is to be expected has, only recently, been replaced by what sounds like three (at least) simultaneously over-layed radio stations.

I am yet to discover how or why these radio stations have found their way into the audio as it makes its way to the mic input of my laptop, and I am unsure that I will ever make that discovery. Thus, this album is about treasuring the enigmatic and the mysterious - and embracing the unknown. The unknown will always lie ahead of us, out of our reach - much like death - however much of the unknown we make known, there will continue to be the unknown beyond that. The unknown has no limit, no boundaries, and so can never be vanquished - just as all life must end and all transmissions must cease.

I would also like to add that this series is made during a concerted month-long effort to make more noise - the month of Noisevember, for more noises of mine created as part of this initiative, find the Noisevember below (updated daily) :


released November 16, 2016



all rights reserved


James Shearman London, UK

23 year-old
NOISE BEING struggling to survive in he11stone, England.

Photograph by
Julia Bauer
for Tempting Failure, 2016

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